The Unscripted Twenties

The last three to four weeks I have complete drop the ball, lost focus, acted out of character and found myself questioning a lot of my beliefs, wants, unwanted and thoughts. This is supposedly known as the unscripted twenties, the decade for exploration, learning, selfishness, mistakes.

They say 20s is the decade where a number of important transitions take place. Our biggest worry (this unconsciously includes myself) is not accomplishing them in the timeframe deemed acceptable.

Everything and everyone around you is changing so you unconsciously start to feel the effects of this.

I do believe everyone goes through this transition; it’s inevitable. My 18 year old self can no longer be thinking for my twenty something year old self. So I am bound to find a new me, new thoughts, new beliefs, new wants. It’s like being lost all over again and your trying to find your way.

One thing I can say is the career goal is still in tact lool but maybe it’s time I stop neglecting the others things that come along with being twenty sometime?! *shrugs* but as the saying goes “God’s time is always the best time”


Don’t get cheated in the name of friendship

During the week a dear friend of mine called me to vent her frustration concerning a number of individuals and situations. I too am a believe in venting to others so as you can imagine this relationship is vice versa (it keeps me sane!). However, please don’t think for one minute I am not one to speak up, sometimes you have to be wise enough to discern when and what needs to be addressed. I digress, the point I am try to bring to light is after our discussion we both came to the conclusion that maybe the problem isn’t actually with the individuals but rather a fault of our own.

The expectations and the standards we place on human beings that we hold to high esteem causes upset when they fail to meet the criteria in which we place them.

The idea is that if you don’t expect much from others then your unlikely to get upset with them. The argument now becomes; should you lower the standards and expectations you expect of friends, partners, family members? Personally I think not! If I as an individual offers support, love, honesty, transparency and motivation why should I expect any less from the people I choose to associate with?

Why should you get the short end of the bargain? Don’t let people cheat you in the name of friendship. If those around you refuse to grow once you have raised concerns then it’s best to move on and leave that problem behind you. It’s not everyday venting because it comes to a point when the lines between venting and cattiness (I didn’t want to use the b word lol) Blurs. So yes that’s my little two cents, feel free to use it lol
Remember you want to invest in yourself and be an investment to others.

The end of one chapter is the beginning of another

How bittersweet it is to finally close the door on a chapter in life, may it be an individual, a collective group of people, occupation or country. Whatever it maybe, you cannot help but reminisce on what was and pine over what will be missed. Yet you feel the roaring excitement in your belly at the thought of a potential new chapter.

At the beginning of the year I sat down and crafted my story board for the year (what I consider one of the many chapters in my life). I can say that the storyboard was successfully executed (not by my power), creating the passage that grants me the freedom to begin writing the following chapter in my storybook called life.

The content of this new chapter will include an array of new explorations. The idea is to find myself in something new, interact with new people, feel new emotions,  put myself out there.  Enough of the academic lectures it’s time to get world educated 😉 #JetsetLife


My mind is a ga…

My mind is a garden, my thoughts are the seeds; my harvest will be either flowers or weeds….Complaining magnifies the problem. Prayer turns negative energy into a powerful force for good. Look for the humour in it. Solomon said, ‘…he who is of a merry heart has a continual feast’ (Proverbs 15:15 NKJV). Laughter dispels tension, lightens the burden and fills your soul with joy.”

Todays word for today is truly motivating, remember that things are temporary! Have a read


A New Year Begins

As I look over the last year, I feel so overwhelmed with joy. I asked and I received more than I realised,  more than I deserved and for that I am so thankful.  I laid out a percise plan for the year just pasted and now I am on the verge of accomplishing what I pronounced and  I’ve accomplished what I didn’t expect to. On top of all that my eyes, heart and mind are now open to new things, new people and new situations. my goals aren’t so career ordinated, they aren’t so self focused. Don’t get ahead of yourselves guys SHE’S (I’m) still important lol. However,  looking into this new year I see a glorious year of new adventures, new endeavours, new findings and I can’t wait! Lord have your way in me.

Passive Aggressive

Excuse my rant guys and girls, but I just have to let it be known that  I cannot tolerate passive aggressive people. I am hoping someone will help shed light on why these individuals find it difficult to communicate their issues. Even when you provide them the platform to express themselves,  they act like everything is ‘hunkydory’. Maybe I find it difficult to fathom because I am an open book and I do wear my heart on my sleeves. If I have a issue I tend to communicate it, not to say that it is the best way to be but why be passive aggressive? Just express your problem or let it go! #Zen


End of rant lol (should be writing my dissertation).

Till next time peace and love